The Sims Final

December 19, 2006

The sims was a good way for me to remember and understand the vocabulary in the chapter by having to use it in the blogs that we bloged on some days it was difficult but it helped me out in the long run to remember the vocabulary words from that chapter that we were doing that week. However it also made us put the vocabulary words with what Franki or Sylvia had done in the game on that last friday so it also made us have to remember stuff over the weekend which is hard to do sometimes because schools the last thing i want to think of over the weekend.

Teen Drinking

December 19, 2006

I believe that teen drinking is getting worse throught out the years but however i dont have a problem with teen drinking cause really its not diffrent then adults going out and drinking the only problem with anybody drinking is driving after wards thats the only reason that there are problems with teens drinking cause they get drunk then have to drive home and wrecks may happen witch is why teen drinking is looked on so bad but really its anybody who drives drunk so if you want to drink then stay there its pretty easy to do.


December 13, 2006

Abortion is something that should not be thought of unless the person has been raped thats about the only time that abortion should be looked at because that girl had no controll on what was happening other wise if you become pregnat than have the kid dont kill it if you cant raise the kid then a foster home will and thats not always a bad thing because theres people out there who cant have kids and do adopt for that reason.


December 13, 2006

This was a pretty good topic being able to know who is going to do what in life beens that we are going to be done with sociology in a couple of days. They also told us some things that i didnt know not that i really need to know them for what im doing but it was still good information but being able to listen to the rest of the class say what they were going to do in life was pretty intresting to know it was a suprise listening to that let me tell you.

Money Money Money

November 21, 2006

The sims game turned out to be alot better than last week. We got some cheat codes and got alot of money and was able to live the lifestlye of a millionair. We put a second story on the house and finished the room on the bottom floor to. Frankie and Sylvia like thier life alot better right now being able to go upstairs to the hot tub, play pool, watch tv, or go to the the full blown bar and relieve some stress.

 The way i see life is if i cant work and get it on my own then i dont need it and i agree with that. But however if for some reason i won a million dollars i would probablly have to buy a new truck but thats it the rest of it would go to a probable cause such as cancer i have two family members right now in life that are diagnosed with cancer my cousin is doing pretty good now that she already has had to get both her breast removed and go threw all the pain and suffer of radiation and stuff. My grandpa is dying from cancer right now as i type he has stage 4 cancer all over his body so the next time you win some money dont be greedy with it help the people who need helped you think you got it rough just call me ill take you over and let you talk to him.

Crime Stats

November 9, 2006

Indiana has some of the lowest records witch is a good thing but they all should be lower or at zero would be nice. The violent crime is one of Indianas bad subjects however do to the fact that we are probally ranking top fifteen for tha witch isnt good. But theres other things out there that we have some of the lowest numbers in witch is a good thing.


October 6, 2006

I would like to retire around the age of fifity to fifty-five. However it depends on what i am doing in life, if my job is easier than most than i plan on working longer. I plan on moving to michigan after words and living my life up there in the woods were it is peace and quiet and no one to make you mad except urself. I want to save back a bunch of money so that when i retire i can have a pretty good amount set back, not including the pension check that ill be recieving. I plan on needing a lot of money to start my retirement life style of being out in the woods do to the fact of needing to build a log cabin out in the woods were i want to live. Hopefully ill be able to manage my money long enought to servive on and if a problem comes in the future then i would have lots of stuff to be able to sell in life.

The Sims #4

September 25, 2006

Frankies social status was beganing to get pretty low along with Sylvias. So we sent Frank to the beach to socialize wtih some people and while he was there he ate a few hot dogs. Franks role at the beach was totally diffrent then the way he would nor,mally act but that was good for him cause his social status was increasing. Once Sylvia got home she had to start second shift befor the party got started because the house needed to be cleaned a little bit.

  After having fun they decided they need to make some more money this week to set back for next week. There is a little bit of a wage gap between frankie and sylvia. The reason for the wage gap is because of patriarchy theory.

The Sims #3

September 18, 2006

In the sims this week we got some new material culture brought into the house witch was a C.D. player. The C.D. player was very usefull for intertainment during the party we threw witch involved all diffrent types of culture patterns. Some exchange theory was probally taken place during this party to. Frankies role was beganing to get a little diffrent i think after all those drinkks he had that day he was starting to get a little bit more social with some of the people there at his party. Sylvia got a promotion at work for doing everything right and showing the rest how to do the stuff to witch made her a leader in this case.

Sims #2

September 11, 2006

The sims have there own culture just like the rest of the world does. On Friday sylvia went to work while at work the boss had noticed that she had been obeying the laws and he gave her a raise. It is important to value your job and the techonology that goes along with it. With Sylvia’s job it is important that she can speake clear language and understand what is being said to her.

Frankie’s culter is diffrent then Sylvias however beens that Frank is a bungie jumper. There is a diffrence in what jobs you get in life frank does need to know how to communicate through language but however he does not need much technology in what he does. The peopple who build and construct his job do tho. Frank probally does need to know his values of his job somewhat thoin order to be safe.